Unlock the Potential of NFTs with Lynk’s New Staking Portal

• Lynk has launched its NFT staking portal to help users unlock the potential of their Lynk NFTs.
• NFT staking enables users to earn passive income from their idle assets without having to sell them.
• Lynk offers an attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) ranging from 256-438%, with no additional fees.

Unleashing the Full Potential of NFT Staking with Lynk

What is NFT Staking?

NFT staking involves temporarily locking NFTs on a specific platform or protocol to gain rewards and other benefits. This process operates similarly to the staking of cryptocurrencies, where a participant can participate in the staking process with just a digital wallet. It allows users to earn passive income from their idle assets without needing to sell them.

Lynk’s NFT Staking Portal

Starting from 13th March 2023, 05:00 UTC, members are able to stake their Finder and Keeper NFTs on Lynk’s platform in order to receive attractive daily yields. Additionally, they can accelerate their rewards through community-led activities and challenges. Both Finder and Keeper NFTs have 4 attributes that directly influence the amount of rewards received when they are being staked – Charisma (CA), Vitality (VA), Dexterity (DX), and Intellect (IN).

Rewards for Stakers

Stakers on Lynk’s platform are eligible for an attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) ranging from 256-438%. There will not be any additional fees levied on the staking process – only a nominal gas fee is required.


The introduction of NFT staking presents a great opportunity for holders as it provides an additional source of revenue generation without needing to sell off their NFTs. With Lynk’s innovative solution, users are able to maximize their daily rewards while also leveling up their Finder and Keeper NTFs at the same time!