The developers of CasperLabs conducted a $14 million private token-sale.

Startup CasperLabs has announced the closure of a private tokentail, as a result of which it raised $14 million to head the Digital Strategy investment fund.

The participants of the round were also Digital Strategy, Consensus Capital, Hashkey Capital, RockTree Capital,, Consensus Capital and other investors.

CasperLabs reports that a private tokentail will be launched Crypto Code before the final Casper Delta test runs later this month.

The launch of the main network Casper Network is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 and will be accompanied by the public sale of CLX token. The public sale of the token is expected to take place in the Exchange Validator Offer (EVO) format on the BitMax exchange.

Initially, CasperLabs experimented with Casper’s Ethereum solution, for which it engaged the renowned developer Vlad Zamfira as a consultant. In March of this, the developers decided to focus on developing their own blockbuster based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

In September 2019, CasperLabs raised $14.5 million as part of the Series A funding round.