Senator Toomey’s Crypto Hypocrisy: Why He May Have Made the Wrong Move


  • Former Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is a republican who recently commented on the need for crypto to be given time to work out its kinks, yet he chose not to run for another term when he saw his party had some kinks of its own.
  • By not running for reelection, Toomey allowed far-left politicians to gain more control in the Senate and House of Representatives, which could have been avoided if he had stayed in politics.
  • Had Toomey decided to run again, republicans would have had majority control in Congress and this could have helped improve America’s economy.

Pat Toomey’s Inconsistency

Recently we published an article about former Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, a republican who served in politics for over 20 years before deciding not to run for another term. In our piece, he discussed his thoughts on crypto and how he was against regulation given that everything comes with hiccups. He argued that these hiccups shouldn’t be an excuse to bring whatever doesn’t work to its knees and that new things require time to work out their issues. This is all well and good but one could make the argument that by not running for another term, he has contributed indirectly to some of the ongoing economic problems America is facing as well as the unstable position of the crypto market.

Reason For Not Running For Reelection

Toomey commented recently that the reason why he didn’t run for reelection at the end of 2022 is because he feels like the Republican Party (which he’s long been a member of) has changed too much over the years. So instead of trying to help it become better, he decided it was best just move on with his life. This may have been a wrong route take however because it allowed far-left politicians such as John Fetterman (who won Toomey’s seat) more power than they should have.

What Could Have Been Different

Had Toomey chosen differently and ran again, republicans would have had an even bigger majority in Congress alongside having a majority in both chambers – The Senate & House Of Representatives – leading them closer towards improving America’s economy. One can only imagine what could have happened if this scenario came into fruition but sadly we will never know now due him stepping away from politics altogether.

Bottom Line

Overall Pat Toomey certainly gives off an impression of being someone who cares but one cannot ignore how his decisions can affect many people especially in times such as this where many are struggling economically. While there are always two sides to every story one thing remains true; His actions speak louder than words when it comes down this issue which shows extreme incongruity going forward regardless if you’re talking about Crypto or anything else related politically or otherwise.