North Carolina County Halts Crypto Mining for a Year, Residents Worry About Tech Loss

• Buncombe County in North Carolina has imposed a one-year moratorium on crypto mining operations
• The move is to explore new regulations and laws for the space
• Residents are split between being supportive of the changes or concerned about falling behind in technology advancements.

Buncombe County Halts Crypto Mining

Buncombe County commissioners in North Carolina are taking a page out of New York’s crypto playbook and are enforcing a one-year moratorium on all crypto mining operations so they can explore regulations and laws. Planning director Nate Pennington said that because crypto mining is still relatively new, this period will allow him and his fellow city council members to explore new ideas for ensuring the space remains safe for all who take part in it or benefit from it. Chris Joyell – the healthy communities director with Mountain True – said that right now, there are many concerns surrounding the potential noise of the mining machines as well as pollution allegedly emitted.

Exploring Regulations

The county wants to make sure that North Carolina air or water won’t be ruined because people are looking to create blockchain careers for themselves. Craig Deutsch – who’s lived in Buncombe County for ten years – is one of few people against the moratorium, saying he’s concerned it could put North Carolina behind in terms of technical achievements. He urges county commissioners to visit bitcoin mines, do research about bitcoin’s benefits to environment and listen to stories about positive impacts of bitcoin for underserved and underbanked communities.

House Bill 951

Mountain True has seen several cryptocurrency mines operating in WNC, especially in Cherokee County, where they have proven to be a nuisance to neighbors and a threat to our environment. As the value of bitcoin rebounds, the growth of cryptocurrency mining operations put North Carolina in danger of not being able to hit the goals set out by Gov. Cooper and the N.C. General Assembly with House Bill 951.

Opinions Divided

Residents opinions on this matter seem divided between those supportive of these changes or those concerned about falling behind technologically due to this move by Buncombe County officials. Those supportive recognize that these changes will protect their environment while those opposed believe this could lead them far behind other states when it comes technological advancements within cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Mining .


The decision by Buncombe County commissioners is an effort towards protecting their environment from any potential damage caused by Crypto Mining operations while also exploring new regulations within this space; however opinions remain divided among residents over whether this move will benefit them long term technologically speaking when compared with other states who embrace cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Mining .