Do-It-Yourself BTC Mining Now Easier with New Block Kits

• Block, formerly known as Square and run by Jack Dorsey, is looking into building a “mining development kit (MDK)” to help individuals extract their own units from the blockchain.
• The goal of the MDK is to educate people about digital assets and potentially boost appreciation and adoption of the space.
• Jack Dorsey has been a big bitcoin fanatic for some time, with his former company Square being one of the early institutional pioneers in the crypto space.

Block Introduces Do-It-Yourself BTC Mining Kit

Block – formerly known as Square and run by Jack Dorsey – is introducing what it calls a „mining development kit (MDK)“ that will enable individuals to extract their own units from the blockchain. The goal of this initiative is to create more opportunities for Bitcoin mining while also educating people on digital assets and potentially boosting appreciation and adoption of the space.

Components Included in MDK

The mining kit will include basic components such as software, open-source firmware, a hash board, a controller board, and ample documentation for users to get started. Naoise Irwin – senior product lead at Block – noted that this MDK could be useful for development projects focused on integrating bitcoin mining into various novel use cases such as heating solutions, off-grid mining, home mining or intermittent power applications. It may also be used to optimize traditional commercial mining operations.

Jack Dorsey’s Crypto Legacy

Jack Dorsey has long been an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology. In 2018 he stated his belief that Bitcoin could become the world’s sole currency in ten years‘ time while prior to COVID he had plans to tour Africa in order to shed light on blockchain technology and its benefits like digital payments methods. Additionally, even before then his company Square was one of the first major institutions to add Bitcoin onto its balance sheet with multiple purchases made since then worth over $200 million in total.

More Details Coming Soon

While more details about this innovative new do-it-yourself Bitcoin mining kit are expected to come out soon in terms of specifications and pricing points, it’s clear that Block wants it to be accessible enough so that retailers can make use of it but also educational enough so everyone can understand how it works when they purchase it.


With his extensive history advocating for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and his former company leading the charge among institutional investors in terms of purchasing BTC, Jack Dorsey’s Block looks set to introduce yet another great tool into the growing world of digital assets through its upcoming do-it-yourself BTC Mining Kit which should have something for both beginners and experienced miners alike!