Crypto Fraud Victim in Canada Gets $168K Back: Miraculous Win!

Crypto Fraud Victim in Canada Gets a Lot of Money Back

  • A fraud victim in Winnipeg, Canada has lost more than $168,000 to a digital currency scam.
  • Much of the money has been gotten back thanks to police intervention.
  • Canada is eager to end all crypto fraud and implement strict regulatory tactics following the collapse of FTX.

Victim’s Loss

In October last year, a person in Winnipeg, Canada lost more than 5.8 units of bitcoin to a crypto investment scam after being directed to purchase crypto for well over three months. Without this person’s knowledge, the money they invested wound up getting transferred overseas and converted into Tether, a popular stable asset.

Police Intervention

Police discovered this and were able to interfere with future activity and thus return about $155,000 of the stolen funds to the original owner. Constable Dani McKinnon from the public information office in Winnipeg explained: „Police utilize certain techniques to trace crypto assets as they are moved. In some cases, the timely tracking of crypto assets can identify opportunities for law enforcement intervention.“

FTX Collapse

Canada is eager to end all crypto fraud and implement strict regulatory tactics following the collapse of FTX. Once one of the world’s top digital currency trading enterprises, FTX hit a real snag last November when its founder and chief executive Sam Bankman-Fried said there was suddenly need for fast cash due to liquidity crunch being experienced by his firm. He initially sought help from Binance but it didn’t happen soon enough as his company entered bankruptcy and he had no choice but resigned from his post. He now awaits trial as it was discovered that he allegedly misused customer funds for personal gain such as purchasing real estate and paying off loans for another company Alameda Research.


This story serves as an example that sometimes quick action can be taken when dealing with cryptocurrency theft or fraud cases which could potentially lead victims recovering some or all their money back. However, it should be noted that most times such cases do not have happy endings so everyone must take extra caution when dealing in cryptocurrency investments or sending money anywhere online especially outside your country borders.